Parking brake fixed & tie rods replaced

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Finished the parking brake job today. It was very easy, just had to remove the two bolts holding the arms with the pads in, and unbolt the parking brake cable. The whole unit slides out. Very nice setup on the DeLorean. Replaced the pads, and popped it back in. With a new parking brake retaining fork, the pads were held in place correctly. After reassembly I realized I did not tighten the adjusting screw enough, as the brake slipped when engaged on an incline. Will need to make that small adjustment soon.

Today I also decided to replace the tie rod ends, as the rubber in my drivers side was completely ripped up, and the passenger side had a hole starting. This was hard to get them off of the wheel assembly, then off of the steering arm. Had to use a pickling fork to beat them off of the wheel, and then lots of lubricant to free it from the steering arm, with help in holding the rod from spinning. Once off the locking bolt needed to be adjusted, as the new tie rods were an eight of an inch longer. When both were replaced I took the car out for a drive, and the alignment does not seem to be affected. Will need it to be professionally adjusted soon, or after the DeLorean emerges from winter storage.