More brake issues & upcoming maintenance

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So, today I decided to diagnose a slight squeal I have been hearing when driving 40+. I couldn’t really tell where it was coming from, but noticed whe I went down a sidestreet slower than 40, I could hear it echoing off other cars, so it must be present always just at higher speeds its louder. Before when my front caliper seized the grinding noise was only audible when going slow, so I was hoping it wasn’t another one seized.

Jacked up the rear of the car and spun the tires. Drivers side one had a scraping sound. Pulled the tire off to see that the parking brake fork had snapped on the inside pad, and the pad had completely worn down at a angle such that:

|arm| |pad| |rotor| |pad\ \arm\

Placed a new order from Gradys for a new arm and several other brakets, bolts, & covers I have needed, and ordered a new set of pads. The pads will need to be replaced along with a new fork to hold the arms strait.

The other parts I ordered are to fix a few small things, such as new circuit breakers with the easy to use click on/off tabs. New screws and screw covers for the rear plastic piece that covers the torsion bar brackets, and a new bracket that goes in the passenger footwell to hold the center console in.