Problem seeing through windshield

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Well, was heading home yesterday and driving in hard rain. First time driving like this in the D. Good thing I didnt have far to go, as my visibility was 10% at best out of the windshield. Water on the windshield was being washed away by the wipers, but leaving a thin film behind, which glared horribly when oncoming lights hit it.

Today I picked up InvisibleGlass which cleans glass spotless by removing all the old gunk/grease. Hopefully this helps. I also put rain-x on the outside windows which looks like the water is just beading up and washing away. A good thing. Not sure how it will be in the rain with wipers though.

Other problem was the inside window fogging up. Bought a product called anti fog, but it left nasty streaks. Used some of the InvisibleGlass to get rid of the streaks, but not sure if it took the anti fog stuff away with it. Will have to see how it is in the same situation again. Also, I found out that the heater seemed to work better clearing up the window over the defrost.