Front caliper – check one off the list

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Well, yesterday with the help of a friend and my father (who has experience rebuilding cars, did a frame up restoration on a ’69 Camaro SS) we took off the caliper and rotor on the front drivers side. Dropped the rotor off at a tire store on the way to work. One hour and $15 later it looks nice and new, no scrapes that it had before due to the seized caliper.

Reassembled the rotor (which was a pain, didn’t realize for the longest time that the force of the bolt would help push the bearings in) and placed the caliper on. Spent a hour flushing out the brake lines. I know it is recommended to use the Castrol brand of dot 4 fluid, but as I could not find it at any local shop, I decided to use the advanced Valvoline synthetic fluid that exceeds the dot 4 standards. So far so good.

Took the car for a test spin and it is driving (and stopping) great. Has a bit of a pull to the left right now which I assume will go away when the drivers side caliper wears down and stops catching first.