The new, updated “To Do” list

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Here is the old list, and what has been done:

1. Fix the “high idle”
2. Replace the tires
3. Bleed the brakes
4. Fix the passenger door strut
5. Fix the bonnet struts
6. Replace belts – no biggie, just need to get it done.
7. Engine light
8. Interior lights – haven’t toyed with this yet.
9. Grease steering wheel
10. Recharge A/C

Here is my new list:

1. MOST IMPORTANT! Replace the front caliper – should be in any day now. Coming pre-loaded with pads, need to have the rotor turned down, and flush the brake system out (as it looked kinda gunky when I was in there at the Tech session).

2. Replace the belts and bearings – was told to redo the bearings when putting new belts on while at the Tech session.

3. Engine tune-up kit – includes new spark plugs, distributor cap, & wires to get the car running all nice.

4. Pivot bolt replacement – seems like this breaking could be a bad thing, and its only $10 to fix. Do not want to be driving and lose the ability to shift.

5. Tie rod replacement – The rubber padding thing on mine have completely cracked and decayed. Need to order some new ones and get them on.

6. Clean the stainless – need to order a blending pad and some cleaner.

7. Fix interior dome light – have to figure out what is shorting the dome light out and causing it not to work with the doors open.

8. LEDs in the car – want to replace the door lights with LEDs, as well as the center console, and dome lights. Less power, and I like the bluish look.

9. Repaint the louvers – they are looking faded, need to take off and repaint.

10. Louver reinforcement – I have found a small crack in the louver support, so would like to get Rob Gradys reinforcement kit.