DIE MOLD DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Went shopping today, and after 3 auto stores, finally found one that sells an A/C fumigation type bottle/device. Spent 3 hours on my back under the passenger foot well with a tiny mirror and a garden hose cut and duct taped to the shopvac sucking out gunk from the evaporator. Lots of grass. No idea how it all gets down in there, but my car is not the only one I saw full of grass in the evaporator core. All clean, sprayed some lysol up in there to kill whatevers growing. Cleaned out the blower motor casing, bleached the blower fan. Cleaned around the motor. Cranked the A/C, closed the doors, and stuck the nozzle in the exterior air intake vent. Sprayed, and sprayed. After that, sprayed some febreeze stuff that kills mold also down there. Think I killed it 5x over. Car smells nice now.