Air Conditioning is now blowing…cold…

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I decided to order a Freeze-12 kit from eBay, as it seems to be a good inexpensive R-12 substitute. Locally shops wanted anywhere from $75-100 per pound. As I had no idea how much the car needed, and most wanted $40 to even look at it, I decided to spend the money on the kit. It was $47 and included 2 cans of freon, 1 can of freon with the glow substance to check for leaks, a leak stop can, and a oil can. Along with it came the neccesary hoses, adapters, and pressure gauge.

In less than a half hour, we had the car topped back up, and running cold. The manual suggests evacuating the R12 in the system, but I feel that is more of an EPA mandate than anything else.

I highly suggest the Freeze-12 due to how easy and inexpensive it was to get up and running.