Pittsburg Tech Session A SUCCESS!

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So, made it back today from the Pittsburg Tech session that took place yesterday. It was great. I met many new owners, all of whom were very friendly, and accomplished a lot with the car. The car made the 4 hour trip each way without a hiccup, but it sure was hot on the way home without air conditioning!

For starters, THE IDLE IS FIXED! With the help of Rob Grady from PJ Gradys, we tested various things and it turned out to be the idle speed motor. Now I am back down around 800rpms. Perfect.

As soon as I arrived, the drivers side door strut blew out. The second one to go that was brand new from Houston when I received the car. Luckily, Rob dived into his goody bag, billed my credit card, and BAM, new door strut.

The louver struts I was told were on backwards, so we went to change them and one fell apart in my hand. Replaced them.

Rob checked over the car and pointed out that the muffler bracket had stress cracked at one point, so we lifted it up and bolted it past the crack so it didn’t even matter. This raised the exhaust to fit flush with the car, and it looks much nicer now.

We fixed the engine light, all it needed was the new housing due to the old one shorting out.

Rob helped us take apart the fuel boot, and replace it, as the old one’s cap was falling apart, and did not include a key clip to stop water from getting into the tank. Put new stainless brackets on it to keep it good forever.

Adjusted the headlights so that the eyebrow bars now sit better, and keep the fascia more flush. While we were doing that, we discovered a rats nest behind the front grill. That was cleaned out quick!

Also, I was told where the plug was to disconnect the annoying buzzing sound when the key is in the ignition with the door open.

And, thanks to the help of Dave from Project Vixen we changed the trailing arm bolts to Toby TABs, so no chance of me getting into an accident from a broken bolt (and lets hope not from my bad driving either).

Lots of things accomplished!