Eyebrow fix

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Wanted to fix a slight warping of the fascia on the passenger side, so purchased the eyebrow kit from Special T Auto.

First, remove the headlights. See ‘electrical’ section for removal information.

These bars in the kit do not need glue to be installed, like some other kits require. They fit behind the fascia and are not obvious if someone looks directly at your headlights. The directions, ‘simply pop in from behind the fascia up into the lip, and your done’. In reality, it was more difficult, as there is very little clearance to get this bar in. I had to adjust the aim of my headlights to get enough space to add the bar. Adjust the headlights so they push back further into the car for additional space. Try to remember how many turns you make (I didn’t, and it was time consuming to re-aim them). Just put the bars in and reassemble your lights. The bars are so tight in there that they will not move. The strength of them immediately fixed the warping of the eyebrow, although a bit of a wave was still evident. After the first hot day though, the bar must have helped flex it strait as they look perfect now.