Electrical work fixes a lot of issues on a old car, huh?

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So, the car is home, and I want to fix whatever problem the car has, so I can get it up and running again. We have filled the antifreeze back up, and need to figure out why the car overheated.

First, check the fuses and relays…

Fuses – what a mess. The old owner must have been dyslexic because nothing is in the right spot, 30s where 10s should be, missing fuses in some spots, one melted because the wrong one was used. Get these all taken care of and move on to the relays.

Relays – who knows if they are bad, but they are old. Should be replaced immediately. Pulled em as directed, and popped new ones in.

Start up the car, and BLING! Temperature gauge, volt gauge, tachometer, and fuel gauge are working now. So are the door lights that were bad before. Let the car sit and run as the temperature creeps up, and the fans decide to kick in. Wow, can’t believe I didn’t notice they weren’t working at all on the trip home, especially because of how loud they are.

Well, the car is working fine, and doesn’t seem to have any engine problems. Will check more tomorrow, as half the neighborhood is out checking the car over, and I have racked up about 10 bug bites.