Proud new owner of vin # 10084

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The trip paid off, in a great way. I am now the owner of vin # 10084.

Background on the car: It is a 1982 manufactured in December 1981, with the later flat style hood with logo. It has a ANSI radio w/o clock, and a power antenna. Grey interior, and only 3,300 miles! The car is for the most part all original, right down to the tires. The car is in very good physical shape, but does have some issues that need to be fixed before it is fully functional. The following needs to be fixed:

– Air is broken right now, there is a hissing behind the dash, so the mode switch diaphram needs to be replaced. It may be more than this, such as a recharge or low pressure switch, but the owner said he jumped the compressor and it blew cold air.

– Lights that do not work – door, trunk, and engine compartment. May just be fuses, or that they were unplugged for show purposes.

– Tail light flickers, needs to be cleaned and bolt tightened.

– Reverse lights do not work, most likely bad connection on the reverse light switch, or a bad switch in general.

I have a long list of parts I am going to order, and am going to spend the first week doing an intense rehab on the car. Should be exciting! Here are some pictures: