Car shopping… the list

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Getting ready to go on a weekend trip to browse for a DeLorean. There are two cars in Ohio (about 3 hours from home, and the second is another hour away) and two in Michigan (2 1/2 hours from the Ohio cars) which puts me 3 1/2 hours away from home as I drive around the lake. The first car in Ohio is a car on consignment, 1982, creased hood, 19k miles. The second car is from an estate, 1982, flat hood w/logo, 3k miles, looks really nice. The third in Michigan is a second owner car, 1982, creased hood, 27k miles. Finally, the fourth I have little information on, as it has been in storage for several years and does not run, I think I may pass at looking on this one. All cars are listed between $13k and $15k, found on Collector Car Trader Online and Hemmings. Should be a fun weekend.